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395 Taxi Trip Fare Calculator

Cheapest taxis brought to you by Open Taxis, where the public is the driver. Open Taxis are operated by independent car owners who want to provide taxi service to customer in their local area. Open Taxi drivers are obligated to charge passengers the fare price calculated using Open Taxi online calculator. By allowing the general vehicle owners to provide taxi service we are able to drive the cost of taxi way down. Open Taxi rates are 30% cheaper than any regular taxis operated by a dispatch company. To get started search for your pick up location address. Calculate the cost of a taxi by searching for pick up address and then searching for drop off destination location address. Searching for location can be done by entering airport name, airport code, attraction name, tourist attraction name, street address or intersection. Once location is found customer can book taxi by entering their telephone number. The price displayed is the price paid to the open taxi who accepts your taxi order.
Both customers and drivers can uses the online virtual taxi fare meter to calculate cost of taxi ride in real time. Cost of ride is calculated based on the starting location or pickup address and the current lcation of the taxi. The virtual taxi meter works best with mobile phones with full html5 browser support such as the iPhone.